Tribute Concert and Awards 2024: All Yoruba Heroes Summit 

Tribute Concert and Awards 2024: All Yoruba Heroes Summit 


TC Awards 2024: Yoruba Heroes Awards Honourees 

Celebrating Outstanding Yoruba Heroes

Alhaji Sidiku Buari is a former national athlete, he won silver and gold medals during the All-African Games held in Senegal and the West African Games, all in 1963.

Alhaji Sidiku Buari is a former national athlete, he won silver and gold medals during the All-African Games held in Senegal and the West African Games, all in 1963.

Join us in recognizing these extraordinary personalities and their outstanding legacies on our official awards list. Explore their stories and celebrate with us the rich heritage and excellence of the Yoruba people.

Grand Yoruba Heroes of Excellence

Purpose: To recognize personalities whose outstanding contributions have left a lasting impact on the Yoruba people and society as a whole. These individuals are pioneers, community leaders, and cultural icons who have shaped Yoruba heritage and continue to inspire generations.


Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi: Yoruba Heritage Icon

His Imperial Majesty, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi (Ọjájá II), Ooni of Ife, embodies the essence of Yoruba heritage and leadership. As the custodian of the ancient throne of Oduduwa, Oba Ogunwusi has revitalized cultural pride and unity among Yorubas worldwide. His reign is characterized by a deep commitment to preserving Yoruba traditions, fostering peace, and promoting socio-economic development across Yorubaland.

Under Oba Ogunwusi's leadership, the Ooni of Ife has become a beacon of unity, promoting dialogue and cooperation among Yoruba communities both at home and abroad. His initiatives, such as the Moremi Initiative for Women's Empowerment and the Ife Grand Resort and Leisure, not only celebrate Yoruba culture but also contribute to economic growth and tourism in the region.

Oba Ogunwusi's advocacy for youth empowerment, entrepreneurship, and sustainable development has earned him admiration and respect globally. His efforts to bridge traditional values with modern aspirations reflect a visionary approach to leadership, making him a deserving nominee for the Yoruba Heroes Awards. His Imperial Majesty continues to inspire pride in Yoruba heritage while championing progress and unity among all Yorubas.

Ga Mantse: Cultural Stalwart and Visionary

His Royal Majesty, King Tackie Teiko Tsuru II, Ga Mantse, is a distinguished leader whose contributions to the cultural, social, and economic development of the Ga community and beyond are commendable. As the paramount chief of the Ga people, King Tackie Teiko Tsuru II has been instrumental in fostering unity and promoting cultural heritage. His efforts to strengthen ties between the Ga and Yoruba communities have been particularly noteworthy, exemplified by his historical visit to Ile Ife, the spiritual home of the Yorubas, which underscored the deep-rooted connections between these two great cultures.

King Tackie Teiko Tsuru II's leadership extends beyond cultural diplomacy. He has been a staunch advocate for social justice, education, and economic empowerment within his realm. His initiatives to improve living standards, support local businesses, and enhance educational opportunities have significantly benefited his people. His Royal Majesty's visionary leadership and commitment to fostering strong inter-cultural relationships make him a deserving nominee for the Yoruba Heroes Awards, celebrating his efforts to bridge communities and promote shared prosperity.

Chief Brimah I: A Pillar of Yoruba History in Ghana

The history of Yorubas in Ghana would be incomplete without reference to Chief Brimah I, a prominent figure who migrated to the Gold Coast in the mid-1800s. Originating from Ilorin in present-day Kwara State, Nigeria, Chief Brimah I played a crucial role in the Islamic and broader communities in Accra. His appointment as the head of the Islamic community by Ga King Tackie Tawiah, and later endorsed by Acting Governor Maj Herbert Bryant in 1909, underscores his significant influence and leadership. Known for his philanthropic efforts, Chief Brimah I was instrumental in settling many Nigerian migrants and served as a vital link between Nigerian kola importers and their suppliers.

Chief Brimah I's entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish a large ranch at Cowlane near Opera Square in Accra by 1872. Despite challenges, such as the 1908 plague which necessitated the relocation of his cattle ranch, he remained a central figure in the community. His advocacy against exorbitant taxes on kola nuts showcased his commitment to economic fairness and development. Chief Brimah I’s legacy continued through his descendants, who played prominent roles in Ghanaian society. His contributions to the development of the Ga State were honored by the naming of a street after him by the Accra Metropolitan Assembly. Chief Brimah I's leadership, entrepreneurial acumen, and dedication to his community make him a deserving nominee for the Grand Yoruba Heroes awards.

Prof. Soyinka: Literary Luminary and Activist

Professor Wole Soyinka, a distinguished literary figure and Nobel Laureate, is an exemplary candidate for recognition due to his profound contributions to literature, human rights, and social justice. His extensive body of work, which includes plays, essays, novels, and poetry, has significantly enriched global literature and provided profound insights into the complexities of human existence and societal issues.

Professor Soyinka's fearless activism and unwavering commitment to democracy and human rights have made him a powerful voice against oppression and corruption. His tireless efforts to advocate for freedom of expression and social justice have inspired many and brought attention to critical issues in Nigeria and beyond. Professor Soyinka's intellectual prowess, moral courage, and dedication to cultural and political advocacy make him a highly deserving nominee, reflecting the values of excellence and integrity.

Alaafin of Oyo: Legacy of Leadership

The late Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi, remains an iconic figure in Yoruba history and leadership. His reign, spanning over seven decades, was marked by profound dedication to preserving Yoruba culture, traditions, and values. Oba Adeyemi was not only a custodian of Oyo's rich heritage but also a visionary leader who promoted peace, unity, and progress among the Yoruba people.

During his tenure, Oba Adeyemi played a pivotal role in advancing the socio-economic development of Oyo and its environs. His leadership was characterized by initiatives aimed at enhancing education, healthcare, and infrastructure, thereby improving the quality of life for his subjects. He was a staunch advocate for the empowerment of youth and women, believing in their pivotal roles in the community's growth and sustainability.

Oba Adeyemi's legacy extends beyond his traditional role as a monarch; he was a respected statesman whose wisdom and foresight influenced national and international discourse. His contributions to the promotion of Yoruba language, arts, and culture are unparalleled, making him a revered figure among Yorubas and beyond. The late Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi, truly embodies the spirit of Yoruba heroism and is a deserving nominee for the Yoruba Heroes Awards, honoring his enduring impact and legacy.

Dr. Adesina: Champion of African Development

Dr. Akinwumi Adesina has exhibited transformative leadership as the President of the African Development Bank (AfDB), driving substantial economic growth and development across Africa. His strategic initiatives, particularly the High 5 priorities—Light Up and Power Africa, Feed Africa, Industrialize Africa, Integrate Africa, and Improve the Quality of Life for the People of Africa—have been instrumental in fostering sustainable development and economic resilience. Noteworthy achievements include the Desert to Power initiative, which aims to harness solar energy for 250 million people in the Sahel region, and the Feed Africa strategy, which has significantly boosted agricultural productivity and food security.

Dr. Adesina has also championed gender equality and women’s empowerment through programs like the Affirmative Finance Action for Women in Africa (AFAWA), addressing the financing gap for women entrepreneurs. His exemplary leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic, marked by the establishment of a $10 billion COVID-19 Response Facility, provided crucial support to African nations. Dr. Adesina's visionary leadership, innovative development approaches, and commitment to improving African livelihoods make him an outstanding candidate for reappointment as President of the African Development Bank.

Governor Adeleke: Visionary Governance

Governor Ademola Adeleke has demonstrated unwavering commitment to the development and prosperity of Osun State, embodying the spirit of leadership and service that defines our Yoruba Heroes. His dedication to improving education, healthcare, infrastructure, and fostering inclusive growth has positively impacted countless lives. Under his leadership, Osun State has seen remarkable strides in various sectors, reflecting his vision for a prosperous and harmonious community.

Governor Adeleke's proactive governance and people-centric policies truly make him a deserving candidate for the Yoruba Heroes Awards, honouring those who embody excellence, integrity, and transformative leadership in our society.

Oba (Dr.) Kehinde Gbadewole: Yoruba Leadership Icon

We proudly nominate His Royal Majesty Oba (Dr.) Kehinde Gbadewole Olugbenle, MFR, the Asade Agunloye IV, the Olu of Ilaro and Paramount Ruler of Yewaland, and Chairman of the Ogun State Council of Obas, for the Grand Yoruba Hero of Excellence award at our upcoming event. Oba Olugbenle's reign has been marked by significant advancements in education, healthcare, and infrastructure within Yewaland, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to improving the lives of his people. His dedication to preserving Yoruba culture and fostering unity and development is exemplary, ensuring that future generations remain connected to their heritage.

Beyond his local impact, Oba Olugbenle's contributions to regional cooperation and peace have garnered widespread respect. His mediation efforts and promotion of dialogue exemplify his vision for a harmonious society. Recognized nationally as a Member of the Order of the Federal Republic (MFR), his leadership, characterized by humility, wisdom, and inclusiveness, sets a remarkable example for all. Bestowing the Grand Yoruba Hero of Excellence award upon Oba Olugbenle would honor his extraordinary contributions and inspire future generations to pursue excellence in service to their community and nation.

Great Yoruba Heroes of Excellence

Purpose: To celebrate achievers who have attained remarkable success in their respective fields. These individuals have distinguished themselves in business, academia, arts, or sports and have brought pride to the Yoruba people through their accomplishments.


- All Yoruba Royal Fathers (Oba) in Ghana

All TC Awards 2024/All Yoruba Heroes Summit Governors.

  1. The late Jimoh Aliu MFR (Aworo): He made a profound impact on Yoruba arts as an actor, playwright, and cultural ambassador, preserving traditions and mentoring young talent. 
  2. Sheikh Imam Muhammed Sanni - A leader known for his impactful influence and generosity, contributing to the advancement of the Yoruba society.
  3. Chief Olu Luther King - A visionary Yoruba entrepreneur and businessman in Ghana who is committed to creating opportunities for others.
  4. Alhaji Shaibu Alawiye - His efforts in creating employment opportunities through his businesses have significantly contributed to the socio-economic livelihood of many Yoruba individuals in the community.
  5. Archbishop Emeritus Ayo Sanda Ladigbolu: He deserves nomination for his profound commitment to bridging Yoruba culture with modernity.
  6. Dr. Raji M. Ayinla: A pulmonologist in Bronx, New York, is nominated for the Yoruba Heroes Awards for his 20+ years of dedicated service treating chronic conditions and his affiliations with top hospitals. His expertise and patient care make him a highly recommended and deserving candidate.
  7. Alhaji Ali Rashid Ali - A renowned shipping magnate and founder of Intercotra Ghana Limited and Super Industries, highly respected in the industry.
  8. Mr. Taiwo of Olla Balm - A standout individual whose contributions have significantly impacted the economy of Ghana.
  9. Baba Olatunbosun Oladapo: He is a revered poet and cultural advocate, has significantly enriched Yoruba heritage through his literary works and dedicated preservation efforts. 
  10. Chief Imam of Yoruba in Greater Accra - Known for his unwavering spiritual leadership, community unity, and promotion of peace and interfaith dialogue.
  11. Bishop Abraham Ayelabowo - An influential leader known for his charitable work supporting the development of Yoruba society.
  12. Professor Ojuade Jeleel - He exemplifies Yoruba excellence in academia and cultural preservation. His profound contributions to Yoruba studies, literature, and language education have enriched generations.  Awards.
  13. Dr. Awa Ibraheem - His unwavering commitment to philanthropy has transformed countless lives across Yorubaland. Through his generous initiatives, he has provided vital social amenities, created employment opportunities, and uplifted communities. 

Yoruba Heroes of Excellence


To shine a spotlight on individuals who have consistently demonstrated a high level of excellence and have made substantial contributions to the Yoruba people or culture. These heroes are known for their dedication, hard work, and impactful achievements, serving as role models within the community.


  1. Honourable (Dr.) Oladipupo Olatunde Adebutu: He has greatly improved the lives of many through his dedication to healthcare, education, and social welfare. His visionary leadership and commitment to public service highlight his profound impact on Yoruba society. 
  2. Chief Princess Moradehun Peregrino-Brimah: A Yoruba businesswoman and philanthropist contributing significantly to economic development and social welfare.
  3. Alhaja Chief Mariama Ghaniu Alawiye: A successful businesswoman in Ghana, known for her extensive philanthropic works.
  4. Mr. Olatunde Igbason aka Tunde Abeka: A businessman whose contributions to societal development and charitable works have advanced the Yoruba people in Ghana and around the world.
  5. Alhaji Chief Taofek Sulaimon, Osupa Adini of Ghana: A trailblazing figure whose leadership and philanthropy have significantly enhanced the Yoruba community.
  6. Alhaja Chief Tayelolu Amudalatu: Iya laje/Iya loja of Ghana, a businesswoman and philanthropist contributing to her community's development.
  7. Alhaja Wosilat Sulaimon: An influential and charitable individual supporting the Yoruba community.
  8. Alhaja Sidi Agege: Managing Director of KOFO TRADING, recognized for her versatility and philanthropy in the commercial sphere.
  9. Alhaji Chief Dawood Akanni Agbeniga: A philanthropist who has positively impacted many lives in his community.
  10. Dr. Victor Taiwo: He is a world-class author with 19 globally renowned books. His dedication to writing has significantly deserves commendation at the highest level.
  11. Alhaji Muibi Disu: Known for uplifting the socio-economic status of Yoruba individuals in Accra by sharing his knowledge and skills.
  12. Elder Ayo Tayo Ogunremi: An astute businessman and philanthropist who has contributed immensely to his community's development in Ghana.
  13. Alhaji Chief Kabir Adeboyejo: A dedicated community leader and philanthropist impacting education, healthcare, and social welfare.
  14. Alhaji Sulaimon Alao Adekunle Malaika: His influence as a musical icon and cultural ambassador deserves recognition for inspiring pride and unity within the Yoruba society.
  15. Mrs. Esther Arewa: A diplomat and advocate for Nigerian interests in Ghana, serving in numerous high-level diplomatic positions.
  16. Elder Segun Stanley Silvester - A visionary whose foresight has transformed the Yoruba community.
  17. Chief Taofek More Money, Baale of Airport Residential Area - Recognized for exceptional leadership in advancing the Yoruba community.
  18. Alhaji Abdul Lateef aka Olumegbon - A respected and influential figure whose philanthropy drives community development.
  19. Alhaja Saki Peregrino-Brimah - A Queen, highly charitable, advancing the Yoruba community in Ghana.
  20. Ibrahim Chatta: Despite having little formal education, rose to prominence in the Yoruba film industry through his exceptional talent and dedication. 

Emerging Yoruba Heroes of Excellence


To shine a spotlight on emerging talents and rising stars within the Yoruba society and beyond. These young achievers, leaders, innovative entrepreneurs, and talented artists represent the future of Yoruba heritage, embodying the spirit of excellence and promise.


  1. Ayo Olaiya: A distinguished filmmaker, has significantly impacted Yoruba cinema through his authentic storytelling and high production quality, while also mentoring upcoming talent.
  2. Mr. Jide Momodu, CEO of V&J Curtains - Known for his positive influence on the Yoruba people.
  3. Alhaji Toyin Aboso - A person of significant influence and generosity, contributing to community growth.
  4. Alhaja Toyin Rasheed - Noted for her philanthropy and contributions to Yoruba society.
  5. Mr. Babatune Okanlawon - Dedicated to the progress of the Yoruba people through influence and generosity.
  6. Shepard Okanlawon - Generous contributor benefiting the Yoruba people.
  7. Prophetess Rebecca Foluke Adebayo - A community pillar fostering Yoruba people's growth.
  8. Chief Otunba Sulemon of Central Region - Exemplary leader committed to Yoruba society's progress.
  9. Chief Otunba Buliyahmin Chaman - Dedicated leader benefiting the Yoruba people.
  10. Baale Chief Jamiu Ayanniyi Ikolaba - Inspirational leader supporting Yoruba society's development.
  11. Baba Silvas - Philanthropic leader devoted to the community's advancement.
  12. Prince Yemi Akinwande, President of NIDO Ghana Chapter - Inspiring leader dedicated to Yoruba society's well-being.
  13. Eunice Adedapo Omolara - Dedicated sportswoman bringing pride and recognition to Yoruba people.
  14. Yetunde Abdulkareem - Her love and sacrifice, exemplified by donating a kidney to her husband, reflect the strength and resilience of the Yoruba people.
  15. Otunba Babatunde Olawuwo: He has transformed the media landscape, promoting Yoruba culture and language. His exceptional leadership and contributions to journalism are commendable.
  16. Baale Alhaji Akinade Taofeek: He is a respected traditional leader dedicated to community development and cultural preservation. His integrity and wisdom have significantly benefited the Yoruba community in Ghana.

TC Awards of Excellence for Non-Yoruba Individuals


To honour non-Yoruba individuals who have made significant contributions to the Yoruba people. Their support and efforts have fostered goodwill and strengthened bonds within the community.


  1. Chief Calistus Elozieuwa - Board of Trustees Chairman for Nigerians in Diaspora Organization (NIDO) Ghana: His advocacy has strengthened cultural bonds and community welfare, making him a pivotal figure in promoting unity and collaboration across diverse groups. 
  2. Hon. Edwin Nii Lante Vanderpuye: He is nominated for his unwavering support for the Yoruba community in Ghana. As a former Minister of State and current Member of Parliament in Ghana. His dedication to cultural harmony and community empowerment makes him a deserving candidate for this prestigious recognition.
  3. Eze Udo Dome-Kwabenya, HRH, Eze Tony Ulasi: His leadership has significantly enhanced cultural cohesion and community welfare, exemplifying a commitment to unity and cultural preservation beyond Igbo communities. 
  4. Eze Denise Abuchi Oha, Ezeudo Ndi Igbo in Kasoa Central Region Ghana: Eze Denise Abuchi Oha's dedicated efforts merit recognition for promoting cultural diversity and fostering harmony in Ghana's multicultural landscape.
  5. Queen Lodi-Lina Jose: Nominated for her exemplary support towards our TC Awards in the last edition and her ongoing commitment in this edition. Her consistent dedication and contribution are invaluable to our community's recognition and appreciation.
  6. Edmund Obilo, a distinguished journalist, embodies the values of Yoruba culture through his dedication to truth, integrity, and justice. His insightful reporting and fearless journalism have fostered greater understanding and unity, making him a deserving recipient of the Yoruba Heroes Award in the non-Yoruba category.
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