Tribute Concert and Awards 2024: All Yoruba Heroes Summit 

Tribute Concert and Awards 2024: All Yoruba Heroes Summit 


Yoruba Heroes Awards Nomination Process: Categories and Guidelines 

Yoruba Heroes Awards 2024: Categories and Recognition Details 

The TC Awards 2024 All Yoruba Summit aims to honour and celebrate outstanding individuals within the Yoruba community in Ghana and beyond. The awards presentation will include the display of images and citations of all Yoruba Heroes in Ghana on the big screen, signifying our respect and admiration for their contributions. We are excited to present the detailed format for the award categories:

1. Grand Yoruba Heroes of Excellence

The highest level of recognition, this award is bestowed upon individuals who have made extraordinary and unparalleled contributions to the Yoruba people or culture. These grand heroes have reached the pinnacle of excellence, leaving a profound and enduring legacy. Their achievements are celebrated as the epitome of greatness and serve as the highest standard of inspiration and honour.

These individuals are pioneers, community leaders, and cultural icons who have shaped Yoruba heritage and continue to inspire generations.

2. Great Yoruba Heroes of Excellence

This prestigious category is reserved for individuals whose contributions have not only been significant but also transformative. These heroes have achieved excellence on a larger scale, influencing the Yoruba community and beyond. Their work often brings about lasting change and inspires future generations.

These individuals have distinguished themselves in business, academia, arts, or sports and have brought pride to the Yoruba people through their accomplishments.

3. Yoruba Heroes of Excellence

This award honours individuals who have consistently demonstrated a high level of excellence and have made substantial contributions to the Yoruba people or culture. These heroes are known for their dedication, hard work, and impactful achievements, serving as role models within the community.

4. Emerging Yoruba Heroes of  Excellence

This category recognizes individuals who have recently started making significant contributions to the Yoruba community or culture. These heroes are on a promising path, demonstrating potential and dedication to excellence in their respective fields. Their emerging impact and achievements warrant recognition and encouragement.

These young achievers, leaders, innovative entrepreneurs, and talented artists represent the future of Yoruba heritage, embodying the spirit of excellence and promise.

5. TC Awards of Excellence for Non-Yoruba Individuals

This category recognizes individuals who are non-Yoruba individuals, who have made significant contributions to the Yoruba people. Their support and efforts have fostered goodwill and strengthened bonds within the society.

Procedure for Yoruba Heroes Awards Nomination 

The Tribute Concert and Awards, Ghana is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious accolades for the Yoruba people anywhere in the world, and it is our commitment to maintain its unparalleled status.

The first stage of the process involves receiving nominations from the awards-giving researchers. These experts play a crucial role in identifying individuals who have made significant contributions to society and deserve recognition. The nominees are collected during this stage and then proceed to the screening phase, where adjudicators thoroughly evaluate each candidate.

After the screening, the list of nominees moves forward to the Governors for their approval. After which the names of the carefully selected nominees will be published in the newspapers in Ghana and Nigeria to allow the public to nominate individuals and entities who they feel are deserving of the award but have not been captured in the list. All new nominations outside the published names must be justified with reasons for consideration. Moreover, the feedback received from the general public on the initial published nominees will also be taken into consideration by the Adjudicators. This provides an opportunity for public opinion to contribute to the selection process.

To facilitate a fair and comprehensive selection of deserving awardees, Her Honour, the Chairperson of the Adjudicators who is a judge in a circuit court in Ghana will establish a screening panel. This panel will consist of members of the Adjudicators, experts, professionals, youths and elders of the community as deemed appropriate. Their primary task is to deliberate on the shortlisted nominees, taking into account their accomplishments and contributions to society, and ensuring a thorough evaluation of their achievements in their respective categories. By considering various factors and perspectives, the screening panel endeavours to create a well-rounded and inclusive selection of awardees who have made a significant impact in their field or areas of calling. 

Nomination and Acceptance 

For an individual to be nominated, there must be a formal indication of their interest and a willingness to comply with the award-giving conditions. Nominees must formally accept their nomination to be eligible for the award. The final list of awardees will be reviewed and considered by our esteemed governors.

Event Day

On the day of the event, images and citations of all Yoruba Heroes will be displayed on the big screen as a sign of honour and respect. This visual tribute will precede the presentation of the awards, providing a moment of reflection on the rich heritage and remarkable contributions of these individuals.

Tribute Concert and Awards