Tribute Concert and Awards 2024: All Yoruba Heroes Summit 

Tribute Concert and Awards 2024: All Yoruba Heroes Summit 


All Yoruba Heroes Summit 2024

Programme Outline

  • Main Event Dates – 17th - 20th October 2024
  • Venue – The Grand Arena, International Conference Centre Accra
  • Theme – Socio-economic impact of Yoruba in the diaspora as it relates to the development of their host nations.

 Day 1: Arrival and Cultural Night

- Arrival of guests from around the world.

- Check-in at designated hotels.

- Cultural groups to entertain guests with traditional Yoruba dance, music, and art.

- Cocktail Hour

 Day 2: Grand finale of Omidan Àdà Beauty Pageant

- Omidan Àsà Pageant Grand Finale by TV3, a foremost TV station in Ghana.

- To showcase the beauty, talent, and cultural pride of young Yoruba women from across the world competing for the coveted Omidan Àsà Beauty Pageant title.

 Day 3: All Yoruba Heroes Summit/Posthumous Awards/Exhibitions

- Summit to take place on Saturday 19th from 9 am to 2 pm

- Keynote speeches from academia, UN Ghana reps, monarchs, historians, etc.

- Panel discussions on the socio-economic impact of Yoruba in the diaspora

- Exhibitions showcasing historic, art or product

- Posthumous Awards presented to the families of deserving gone Yoruba heroes

- Networking


Concurrently with the All Yoruba Heroes Summit, a banquet/dinner will be organized on the evening of the 19th dedicated to the presentation of awards to the living heroes. This formal gathering will provide an opportunity for all participants to network, socialize, and enjoy a delicious meal and good music together.

 Day 4: Visit to Yoruba Historic Sights:

 - Visit to Yoruba historic sights such as Makola, General Post Office, New Town, etc.

- Departure of guests from around the world.

Tribute Concert and Awards